Bato criticizes ‘Otso Diretso’ method of campaigning: “Akala ko ba ayaw niyo sa Oplan Tokhang? Gagayahin nyo rin pala!”

Senatorial candidate Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa criticized the decision of the opposition for the 2019 elections for attempting to duplicate the version of ‘Oplan Tokhang’ in their campaign style.


Dela Rosa discussed an article wrote by ABS-CBN about the 8 candidates of the opposition, generally known as ‘Otso Diretso’ knocking the doors of the voters personally to initiate themselves and their platforms.

The ex-retired General revealed that the style of ‘Otso Diretso’ is just like the controversial ‘Oplan Tokhang’ that means approach and talk with alleged users and pushers.

Oplan Tokhang happens to be criticized many times by the opposition, stating that the cops utilized it in a wrong way.

“Akala ko ayaw ninyo ng oplan tokhang yun pala ay gagayahin rin ninyo.” Dela Rosa mentioned in his Facebook post.

Based on the article, Otso Diretso claimed that they started the campaign with “knocking on doors and shaking the hands of bystanders’ in the place where they’re visiting.”

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan stated that they’re inspired on doing door-to-door campaigning since it will be useful for the national campaign for the very first time.

“This campaign strategy of going house-to-house is a game-changer. It has not been done on a national scale,” Pangilinan stated.

Dela Rosa began the ‘Oplan Tokhang’ at that time when President Rodrigo Duterte was still the Mayor of Davao City.

When President Duterte was chosen as chief executive, Dela Rosa who became appointed as PNP Chief carried Tokhang on a national scale and began to knock the doors of alleged pushers and users.

But it was criticized by the opposition declaring that Oplan Tokhang was against human rights.

Source: Pinoy Trending