Mark Lopez Lambasted Karen Davila for Saying Maria Ressa’s Arrest as Clear Harrassment

Well-known social media personality Mark Lopez burned down Karen Davila on Twitter after the TV Host’s latest statement defending Maria Ressa. Karen Davila claimed that Ressa’s arrest is clear harassment.

“CLEAR HARASSMENT. The government’s message, Maria Ressa today & any of you… tomorrow #DefendPressFreedom” Karen Davila tweeted and added a link to an article published by ABS-CBN.

In the said ABS-CBN report, Maria Ressa was cited as stating “If I spend the night in jail, it’s fine. People should know the line was crossed. We’re journalists; we’ll do our job”

The announcement of Karen Davila on Twitter hit the desk of Mark Lopez who right away replied with Karen Davila’s tweet and burned down the vetern TV host.

Mark Lopez replied to Karen Davila by stating “Isn’t it idiotic for you to be crying “harassment” and “defend press freedom” which you have freely posted, plus being all over socmed and saying whatever you want?”

Source: Facebook / Twitter