Mayor Inday Sara burns Sen. Hontiveros: “Sa bawat banat mo ke PRD ay nasasabi ng lahat na tama si Presidente Duterte.”

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte replied on the official statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros, whom she criticized a few days ago for requesting the resignation of Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Chief Persida Acosta over the outbreak of measles.

In her latest Instagram post, Inday Sara Duterte applied her logic to answer on Hontiveros’ statement against her.

“Ai naku po, an attack is an attack. Don’t use attack, validation, andvindication in one sentence. Otherwise, your attacks against the administration are validations to say that PRD is correct and therefore he is vindicated. And you still believe your head is on your shoulders? #dropmic a wall is a wall at sa bawat banat mo ke PRD ay nasasabi ng lahat na tama si Presidente Duterte.”

In a statement, Hontiveros insisted that Acosta’s resignation contributes to the method to fix the lowering numbers of people who took vaccines.

“First, calling for Acosta’s resignation is part of the solution. Acosta’s resignation would remove the pseudo-science, fear-mongering, and lies that hijacked the Dengvaxia discourse,” Hontiveros claimed.

Hontiveros additionally stated that Inday Sara’s criticisms ‘validate’ her work being a human rights activist.

“I would like to thank Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte for once again taking the trouble to share her opinion about my work on democracy and human rights,” she mentioned in a statement.

“Every time she attacks me, she validates my work and vindicates my positions on important issues. Every insult from the Mayor is a reading on the barometer I can use, second to none, to confirm how effective my office is in advancing democratic interests and goals,” Hontiveros added.

The lady Senator declared that the criticisms she gets from the Davao City Mayor are proof that she’s working on the right thing for the people.

“Sa bawat banat niya, nalalaman natin na tama ang ating ginagawa.”

The statements of Inday Sara as well upset her and clarified that she’s not the one who’s head is in the *ss.

Inday Sara criticized Hontiveros many times on social media for being critical against Duterte admin.

Apart from Hontiveros, Inday Sara additionally had a fierce exchange between Senator Antonio Trillanes IV a year ago.

Source: Pinoy Trending