A Blogger notice a characteristic to Gen. Bato that other senatorial candidates don’t have

A well-known blogger noticed something unforeseen to ex- Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa, who will be also eyeing for a Senate seat this 2019 senatorial elections.

In his post, RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto, who is actually considered to be critical and careful with selecting his candidates in the 2019 senatorial elections saw certain traits on Bato that can never be quickly obtained by other senatorial hopefuls.

Nieto, who viewed the launch of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago senatorial slate in Pampanga declared that he’s assured that Dela Rosa obtained the ‘charisma’ that will make him win the election.

He noticed how the crowd was amazed by Dela Rosa’s charisma and also made them entertained.

Read Nieto’s post below:


After seeing Bato deliver his 5-minute speech earlier today sa launch ng Hugpong ng Pagbabago senatorial slate, I am now 150% certain that he possesses something that most other candidates do not have:


Ay guys, naloka ako kanina kasi he started with “Hindi na po ako magpapaligoy-ligoy. Ako po si Bato at iboto niyo ako sa senado.”

The crowd burst out laughing. They appreciated his candor and authenticity. Bato won their hearts sa first 5 seconds pa lang ng speech niya.

Very few people can do that.

For the rest of his speech, I can see the crowd smiling. They love the guy and they love listening to him.

Bato has won my stone cold heart. Hindi pa nga lang yung “my mind”. Pero that’s a pretty good start, I think.

Yung iba kasi, unang tingin ko pa lang, ekis na.

Bato, I think, will not lose in May 2019.”

Bato caught the attention of the Kapampangans by his speech.

He said that he courted a Kapampangan lady before, finding out that kissing is the fastest way of the people of Pampanga to know their language.

“Sabi nila ang pinakamabilis na paraan para matuto ka ng salitang Kapampangan ay makipag lips-to-lips ka palagi ng Kapampangan para mabilis ‘yung transfer ng kaalaman,” Dela Rosa stated in jest.

“Eh, kaso binasted ako. Wala ‘di ako matuto (ng Kapampangan),” Bato added.

He additionally informed the Kapampangans that he’s not wealthy like the other candidates, however he can guarantee that he’s gonna serve the people with clean heart.

Source: Pinoy Trending