Sen. Manny Pacquiao seen buying fishes at a wet market and ride a trike to gym , “Pakyaw ang paninda!”

Even with so much money due to his latest victory against Adrien Broner, Senator Manny Pacquiao remains displaying his humble lifestyle.

Netizen Jonnel Panto Margate announced on his social media post that a surprising customer went into a little wet market in General Santos City, which happens to be Senator Manny Pacquiao who’s buying fish and also vegetables for his men at the Wild Card Gym situated at the same place.

In the video published by Margarte, Senator Pacquiao who’s wearing a green t-shirt is personally selecting the fishes from the blessed fish vendor.

It appears that the Senator just brought a few members of his security team and then he let the people to go close to him while he’s buying what he intended for his gym.

A lucky citizen also requested the Senator for a photo and then Pacquiao didn’t refuse.

After purchasing what he needed, Senator Pacquiao created his farewell to the crowd and then went to hire a tricycle rather than using a luxury car just like other politicians.

It appears that Pacquiao didn’t forget where he originated from and still maintaining his simple lifestyle.

Pacquiao originated from a poor family and then his successful boxing career created him one of the richest and also powerful men in the country.

Lots of netizens couldn’t stop themselves from becoming astonished by Senator Pacquiao:

“Bilib ako. Dami ng pera duon pa rin sya bibili kung saan mas mura. I am sure alam nya mas nakakatulong yun sa mga nagtitinda. Nakakabilib ang ginawa nya. Kung iba pa yan bibili na lang gamit ang online para makapamalengke or nag utos sa mga tao. Still he wanted to buy sa tabi tabi na parang ordinary na tao lang. hands up! Swerte ng nagtitinda at mga tricycle driver.” Netizen Althea Halle claimed.

“idol tlaga si pacman.partida walang security…nd tulad ng ibang pulitiko daming body guard my dalang baril..si pacman parang wala lng..idol ng lht talaga.” netizen Ocihc Admaremleht commented.

Watch the video below:

It’s not the very first time that Senator Pacquiao was spotted along the streets of General Santos.

A few months ago, Pacquiao presented a house and lot to an ice cream vendor that he talked while roaming around the streets of his hometown.

Source: Pinoy Trending