“Natakot ba?” Police selects to resign as a Police than being assign to Mindanao

A cop from Police Regional Office (Central Visayas) decided to give up his job forever than staying assign to Mindanao.

On February 1, Police Officer (PO3) Karl Belandres Osorio resigned from the Philippine National Police (PNP) after he was notified that he’s part of the augmentation force consisted of 300 cops in Lanao Del Norte which will protect the safeness of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) plebiscite.

Photo from Philippine News Agency

The report was verified by PRO-7 Director Debold Sinas on February 6, stating that he immediately accepted the resignation than insisting the cop to be allocated to Mindanao.

Based on Sinas, he didn’t think twice to allow the resignation of Osorio because he currently saw that the latter previously not wanting to obey the orders of the PNP.

“We conducted an accounting of our troops’ movement, he refused to join,” Sinas stated.

“We have to remind our policemen that this is part of our job. We assured our police in PRO-7 to give them updates of their colleagues,” he added.

Sinas additionally revealed that what Osorio did has affected the confidence of his other personnel.

Even with what Osorio did, Sinas still provided the benefits of the cop just like his unused leave credits.

Osorio, a local of Dalaguete, Cebu, is a part of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion – Central Visayas.

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In spite of some issues occurred before the referendum in Lanao Del Norte, the team where Osorio was said to be part of, were risk-free and performed their mission very well.

PRO-7 didn’t reveal the main reason why Osorio doesn’t like to set his foot to Mindanao.

Throughout the Duterte admin, deployment to Mindanao is known as a penalty for some cops.

He actually sent 200 errant police officers to ARMM which viewed as one of the risky areas in Mindanao.

Source: PNA