Watch: Reaksyon ni Pres. Duterte patungkol sa FAKE NEWS na patay na daw siya

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte released an official statement concerning the controversial fake news that he succumbed to untimely death which proliferated on social media.

In a currently viral Facebook video message published by Mocha Uson, Pres. Rody Duterte assured the Filipino public that he is actually in good health condition and nothing at all to worry.

Pres. Rody Duterte was cited as stating “For those of you who believe in the news that I passed away, then I request of you to please pray for the eternal repose of my soul,” Pres. Duterte said.

Check out the President’s Responses on Fake News About His Death:

The Malacañang Palace on Sunday ignored the reported death of President Rodrigo Duterte being “fake news” and confirmed the public that he always been in “robust health.”

“Rumors circulating in social media that PRRD is seriously ill or that he just passed away are fake news peddled by certain persons who cannot accept the fact that we have a President who, not only is unstoppable in changing the landscape and culture of politics in this country,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo mentioned in a statement issued on Sunday.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo claimed the controversial information were meant to “bring anxiety and apprehension” to individuals who “believe and admire” the President’s “unorthodox but effective type of governance.”

“We assure our countrymen that PRRD remains in robust health and is just resting in his Davao home for the weekend while preparing for the coming week’s grueling schedule,” Panelo stated.

Rumors and speculations that Pres. Duterte had passed away or was critically ill distributed on social media after the President canceled a conference in Palo, Leyte last Friday.

Source: Mocha Uson FB Page