The Philippines’ rock music Pillar, Pepe Smith, passed away at 71 years old

When we say “rock ‘n roll,” we think of Elvis Presley, because he really was the true icon when it comes to rock music. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, a rock icon that we consider is the legendary Pepe Smith. He’s known for his great love for rock and roll music despite his age. Aside from that, he also has this charismatic aura despite the physical features. Filipino rockers truly idolized the man. He has been the pillar of the Original Filipino Rock Music, which over time, evolved. But as he aged, and so is his body declined. Everyone can manifest to the failing health of Pepe Smith. Just two years ago, Pepe suffered from a stroke that caused him to be hospitalized.

And until today, Joseph William Feliciano Smith departed this life, peacefully. His daughter Daisy Smith-Owen confirmed the news early this morning.

On her post, she offered gratitude to his late father for being the best dad in the world. She also called him “papa bear.” She also said that Pepe’s now in the best place where there is no pain. She said that she will meet him in a few days. And with her last words, she said, “I love you to the moon and back.”

“Ang himig natin ang ipapabaon namin sa iyong paglalakbay. Padayon, Pepe Smith Official Hanggang sa muling pagkikita sa rock n’ roll heaven… salamat….” posted the band who also expressed their grief with passing of their member through their official Facebook page.

As of now, it is yet to be confirmed the by the family the reason of his untimely passing.

And yes, the Philippines, has lost another great artist. With that being said, netizens, especially the supporters of Pepe Smith, is currently in grief with the passing of the rock legend.

Rock music in the Philippines will not be the same anymore without you, Pepe Smith.

Source: Pinoy Trending