Netizens Criticizes Kris Aquino for Allegedly Stating “The Entire Philippines Trust Me”

Netizens took to social media while they reacted on the recent controversy connected with Kris Aquino for the alleged death threats against Nicko Falcis which has been recorded and uploaded online by unidentified individuals.

The viral alleged conversation between Kris Aquino and then Nicko Falcis distributes like wildfire on social media after a particular Brent Benedictos released the audio conversation wherein Kris Aquino allegedly claimed that the entire Philippines trust her.

The declaration of Kris Aquino captured the attention of most netizens who noticed the viral video and audio conversation as they reacted and then slammed the ex-Presidential sister and viewed as one of the most bankable star of her era, Kris Aquino.

Based on Karen V. Kasai, Kris Aquino is definitely delusional on her statement that the entire Philippines trust her. She was cited as stating “Kapal ng mukha the ENTIRE PHILIPPINES TRUST ME ansabeeeeeee? ganun ka kapowerful???? isang malaking PWE.”

Below are Some of the Most Controversial Comments on Social Media:

MrDeimos05: the entire Philippines trust kris daw…bwahahaha…the entire philippines wants you and your clan dead. Aquinos are the curse of the Philippines. the curse gets dispelled when kris and her clan are dead.

mike corleone: Entire Philippines trusts you???? Entire Philippines talaga??? ENTIRE STD siguro trusts you.

Hiro Hamasaki: I don’t understand why Kris is blaming Nicko for her Lupus??? And the whole Philippines trust her??!?!! I dont think so.

Rain CO: Entire Philippines”??? I feel insulted as a Filipino! You lost your mind Kris!

chris tina: Hala sya! The entire Philippines trust her daw! : Roll eyes

Check out the Alleged Death Threat of Kris to Nicko:

Source: YouTube