Manny Piñol criticizes VP Robredo’s suspicions that nationwide river dredging will be full of corruption, “Ang kitid ng utak!”

DA Secretary Manny Piñol slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for accusing the river dredging project he presented to the President is definitely prone to corruption.

On January 6, Robredo stated on her radio program that she was informed before the river dredging project is a simple way to corrupt public funds for the reason that it’s difficult to find if the project like that is completed or not.

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“Iyong pagpalalim ng… Hindi mo nakikita kasi nasa ilalim siya ng tubig,” Robredo said on her “Biserbisyong Leni” show over RMN.

In spite of this, Piñol didn’t like the brief explanation of Robredo, stating that the Vice President just revealed that she’s negative instead of considering the advantages of the river dredging project.

He defined the Vice President as narrow-minded for not prepared to take the risk for the benefits of the people.

“The dredging of the rivers, I told President Duterte, would open up hundreds of thousands of rich and fertile areas to agriculture with the added benefit of excavating peat soil from the river beds which could be used to enrich the soil in the nearby farms. Vice President Robredo’s reaction, however, left me dumbfounded and wondering what other options should be considered,” Piñol stated in his post.

“By giving more weight on the possibility of corruption instead of the benefits that the dredging of the rivers will bring, Vice President Robredo has exposed a narrow-minded perspective of how government should work and operate,” Piñol added.

The Agriculture Secretary additionally declared that the funds in the project would not be corrupted if the individuals who would manage it are not corrupt people.

“The fear of corruption, however, should not tie our hands and prevent us from taking risks as government servants. If this is the kind of mindset, our officials in government have, we will never be able to do anything or accomplish projects which would benefit our people.” Piñol claimed.

“So, the rivers should not be dredged because there could be corruption? The only other option is just to allow the floods to destroy crops and lives every year. If that is the mindset, let us just dismantle government so that there will be no corruption at all.” Sec. Piñol added.

Source: Manny Pinol