Joaquin Montes at last speaks for the time concerning his viral video: “Hindi naman ako nam-bully for no reason”

The popular Ateneo De Manila High School bully at last speaks after few weeks of being silent on the issue which is viewed as one of the most discussed topics last year.

Joaquin Montes, a Taekwondo champion who started to be viral after his video while striking another schoolmate spoken to GMA News along with his mother to clarify their side and to inform the public on the ‘real’ story behind the incident.

Montes revealed that the public must not criticize him from the start, because they don’t know the story before the video was reported.

Based on Montes, he’s just defending himself from the victim, and also he stated that the latter already challenged him many times in a fight.

“I just wish na hindi na nila sinabi yung mga sinabi nila in the first place kasi, yung sinasabi nila in-attack ko daw bathroom yung guy, eh sabay nga kami pumasok sa bathroom, I’m just defending myself, hindi naman ako nambubully ng walang dahilan.” Joaquin Montes stated.

Montes additionally claimed that he didn’t commit something incorrect and the video just made him look bad.

“Para sa akin, hindi naman bullying ‘yung ginawa ko because I was also defending myself naman eh, in a way. Kaso nga lang in the video, mukhang ako talaga ‘yung mas aggressive,” Montes added.

A witness as well supported the claim of Montes, stating that the victim in the video attempted to provoke the former.

At the same time, Montes also explained what went down in the other videos posted on social media displaying him while doing something inappropriate with his schoolmates.

Based on him, the alleged victims in the different videos are his close friends and then they’re just joking.

But the videos display a different information.

On the other hand, the mother of Montes apologized to the public and also asked for understanding.

“I would like to apologize for the action of my son. Sa nasaktan niya, sa school na na-drag man ang school sa isyu na ‘to,” the mother mentioned.

“I apologize pero gusto ko ring hingin yung understanding ng tao na bata itong anak ko eh,” she added.

The controversy experienced by Montes questioned the power of Ateneo High School to discipline their students.

One week after the video got viral, Ateneo chose to kick out Montes and then disallow him in enrolling once again in their school.

Source: Pinoy Trending