DFA Sec. Teddy Locsin wants Labrusca to be deported after cursing immigration officials

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro ‘Teddy’ Locsin Jr. likes the actor Tony Labrusca to be deported after the well-known Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 thing.

Labrusca obtained criticisms on social media after he allegedly cursed many immigration officials for not providing him balikbayan stamp to prolong his stay in the Philippines for over thirty days.

In a tweet, a particular @mayoroliverdig advised the DFA Chief regarding the issue getting faced by Labrusca who previously apologized and confessed that he loses his cool throughout the said incident.

Unluckily, Locsin didn’t recognize Labrusca and also he actually needs to inquire some netizens concerning the identity of the actor.

“Who he?” Locsin questioned the netizen?

“Tony Labrusca who shouted at our immigration officer and cursed them,” the netizen said to Locsin.

“Still have no idea who he is,” Locsin responded.

“He’s an abs-cbn tv and movie actor. recently he had a movie with actress angel aquino entitled Glorious. kahit nindi nyo po kilala yung tao pero nambastos ng immigration officer dapat may panagutan,” Another netizen informed Locsin.

Shortly, Locsin noticed that what the actor who’s a U. S citizen acted rudely throughout the immigration procedure, and stated his willingness to deport the actor.

“Just deport him.” Locsin stated.

However, another netizen reminded @mayoroliverdig, that Locsin is not the one that taken care of the Bureau of Immigration.

“Bureau of Immigration is under DOJ not DFA. It used to be a Commission under the office of the President. It was changed to a Bureau of DOJ but they still call the head of the agency as Commissioner.” @tweetmetomcat stated.

“No need to get Philippine Visa for a US Citizen. It is the Bureau of Immigration that look into the behavior of the foreigners staying in the country. Hence they can revoke the visa granted by our Embassies & Consulates for whatever reason. Visa is a privilege, not a right.” he added.

However, Bureau of Immigration launched a statement stating that they have the right to blacklist persons like Labrusca and avoid him to visit the country.

“While our immigration officers have been instructed to observe maximum tolerance, it is against the law to disrespect immigration authorities, and violating aliens may be excluded and blacklisted from the Philippines,” Immigration Spokesperson Dana Krizia Sandoval mentioned.

“Showing disrespect to symbols of authority is essentially showing disrespect to the country,” Sandoval added.

Source: Pinoy Trending