President Duterte states that Dela Rosa is the only one he can trust to be his successor

President Rodrigo Duterte labeled another person who are able to potentially replace him as the head of the country.

On Thursday (January 3), Duterte revealed that he could trust Dela Rosa to come to be his successor due to his unmatched loyalty to the ex- Davao City Mayor.

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Throughout the presidential elections, Dela Rosa who’s an ex- Davao City chief stated his support to Duterte, announcing that he would penalize anyone who would try to cheat Digong, an indication that Bato is definitely loyal to the chief executive.

“[H]e was with me all those years until I became president and there was no one else that I could trust with my life and maybe the presidency, and it’s — si Bato,” Pres. Duterte stated.

A few days ago, Duterte was surprised by the latest SWS survey results on the 2019 senatorial elections, thinking about why his top bets, such as Bato, was placed in the lower rankings.

“I do not have to derogate others pero yung sa ano ngayon nangunguna sa survey, susmaryosep (the latest survey front-runners, oh my goodness) but if that is the way your country…” Pres. Duterte claimed at the time of the birthday party of ex- political affairs adviser Francis Tolentino in Tagaytay City.

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“And not because he is a friend, he has proven integrity, si Bato [dela Rosa]. Fundamentally honest. ‘Pag binigyan mo ng pera para sa operation, he produces results. Magbigay ng accounting. That is how he is trained,” he claimed.

Bato is one among the top bets of the Duterte admin.

Apart from Bato, Duterte also labeled Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and ex- Senator Bongbong Marcos being possible leaders who will be able to replace him in 2022.

Source: Pinoy Trending