Sister of Miriam Defensor Santiago defines Duterte ‘morally bankrupt’: “Nakakasuka na!”

Paula Defensor-Knack, the sister of late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, slammed not just President Rodrigo Duterte but as well as the social media bloggers who linked with the government similar to her before.

In the midst of the issue on President Duterte’s admission as to what he had done with their maid throughout his teenage years, Knack called the chief executive a ‘morally bankrupt’ and described that she’s just sustaining the moral values by her sister.

After getting a huge amount of criticisms from her own Facebook fans, Defensor-Knack launched an announcement stating as a Christian; it’s her part to criticize public officials just like Duterte who’s minimal values.

“We are Christians with a conscience, and we have tried to remind, to constructively criticize, cajole and correct PUBLIC OFFICIALS WHOSE SPEECH IS MORALLY BANKRUPT, but nothing happened …. so enough is enough! We do not subscribe to rule by vulgarity.” Defensor mentioned in her post.

Knack additionally confronted her followers to unfollow her on Facebook, stating that she’s not asking for likes from the start.

She as well revealed that contrary to other bloggers, she didn’t spend to get millions of likes and also followers or ‘solicit free plane tickets for trips abroad’.

“You can unfollow us and we don’t give a damn because we didn’t ask you to follow us and I am not running for public office. WE DID NOT PAY TO HAVE MILLIONS OF LIKES AND FOLLOWERS, available for a fee at a Facebook office. Who are you kidding?! We also do not solicit free plane tickets for trips abroad. Neither do we receive money from politicians to protect them online. HINDI KAMI FOR SALE.” she stated.

The Pro-Duterte blogger who switched critical against the admin also called President Duterte’s latest statement being ‘sickening’.

She as well criticized certain bloggers who protected the President despite his mouth, simply because they’re receiving free plane tickets and also sponsorships on social media.

Knack produced spoke about the ‘free plane tickets’ allegedly obtained by certain bloggers in the midst of the revelation of blogger Tonyo Cruz that some pro-admin Facebook page owners got a free trip to Korea.

Source: Pinoy Trending