Chief Supt. John Bulalacao Revealed that Garin Father and Son Also Involved in Alleged Mauling of Ex-Police Officer and Civilian

PRO-6 Chief Supt. John Bulalacao shared throughout an interview with some media that apart from the case filed against the Garin Father and Son tandem, Rep. Richard Garin and Mayor Oscar Gardin was allegedly engaged also in yet another mauling incident victimizing ex- Police Officer as well as a civilian resident of Guimbal.

Supt. Bulalacao said that a retired police officer including a civilian reported to him that they as well suffered being mauled by the Garin Father and Son as they were allegedly physically abused by the Garins.

Based on the victims of the now-famous Garin Father and Son tandem, Rep. Garin and also Mayor Garin were actually abusive public officials and they victimized several civilians perhaps even police officers.

The victims even accused the Garin Father and Son that the main reasons why there was zero recorded complaint against the Garin Family was due to the bribery actions engaged by the political clan ending to no complaints among their victims.

The past mauling incident that involved the Garin Father and Son is just like what happened to PO3 Federico Macaya Jr., who created headlines after certain netizens uploaded his photos of being abused on social media.

Source: Abante News