Netizen clarifies the real reason why Mayor Inday Sara strikes a sheriff

Among the talks on the bullying thing in Ateneo De Manila High School, numerous opposition Facebook pages attempted to mix the drawback to politics by looking at Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to Joaquin Montes.

The page ‘Sabiniya’ published the news video presenting the infamous event in 2011 displaying Inday Sara while striking a Sheriff who directed the demolition of some houses in Brgy. Soliman in Davao City.

The stated Facebook page defined Inday Sara being a ‘bully’ who utilizes her strength to frighten those who are weaker than her.

But, various supporters of the Duterte family protected the Davao City Mayor from the accusations of the stated Facebook page.

Among those commentators is Jonathan Watson, who noticed the scenario of Davao City throughout that time.

Based on him, Inday Sara was very exhausted due to the problems being faced by her City days before her experience with the sheriff.

She was also sleepless and then her child was even just in the hospital throughout that time while the Sheriff didn’t prefer to consider postponing the demolition despite the present problems experienced by Davao City and its residences.

Read the full post below:

I live here in Davao, so let me tell you. A couple days before this happened, back in 2011, there was a flood that hit Davao.

I remember that day, cause when the flood hit, I was riding a taxi and could see underwater as the water went over the window.

That was only in the Buhangin area. However, around the Matina area, it was so bad that it ended up losing 20+ people.

My schoolmates in Ateneo, here, even said there was a baby from a tree cause the water was so high.

Because of this, Mayor Sara had been working on the relief efforts. Meanwhile, there was a demolition happening in the Agdao area a couple days later.

Mayor Sara had instructed that the settlers of the area be given time to move before demolition.

The sheriff didn’t follow this advice. Instead, he went ahead with the demolition. Meanwhile, the settlers protested (aided by Leftwing groups, as a schoolmate of mine from LFS was there picking a fight with the PNP).

When Mayor got word of the clash happening, she went over there pissed BECAUSE SHE HAD BEEN UP ALL NIGHT WITH NO SLEEP HELPING THE PEOPLE OF MATINA, and according to interview, her daughter was sick in the hospital.

Imagine that. Your child is hospitalized, then you had no sleep cause you’re helping families who are displaced and lost loved ones,and just to add to that, some idiot official doesn’t follow orders- which was supposed to give consideration to the squatters- leading to a nasty clash.

Result? She snapped, and she punched. According to interview, her daughter saw that punch on TV at the hospital, and she (Sara) was ashamed.

She admitted it as a fault, never defending it. And, given the circumstances, it’s definitely understandable.

As a bully victim myself, who was beaten up in the American public school system for no reason as a kid (leading me to have clinical depression and suicidal thoughts), I know bullying when I see it. This isn’t bullying, and shouldn’t even be compared with the Ateneo bullying incident.

As of writing, the statement of Watson had been deleted by the stated page.

Source: Pinoy Trending