Davao RTC orders Trillanes arrested for libel rap filed by Paolo Duterte

Davao City Regional Trial Court (RTC), Branch 54 on Friday, ordered the arrest of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for the libel case submitted against him by ex- Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

Judge Melinda Alconcel-Dayanghirang made a decision that Trillanes needs to be arrested after he launched libelous statements against Duterte as well as his brother-in-law Manases Carpio.

But, Trillanes had provided an opportunity to gain his short-term freedom and ordered to place bail at P24,000.

Trillanes a year ago accused Pulong and also Carpio of getting involved in extortion as well as other illegal actions such as transporting of narcotics.

The fiercest critic of the President additionally accused Pulong of becoming part of a Chinese triad and even stated that there’s a tattoo at the back of the ex-Vice Mayor that would confirm his claims.

However, Duterte shared his happiness on social media following the judgment of the Davao RTC against Trillanes.

“Okay nako ani. Merry Christmas.” Pulong published in his Facebook post along with the photo of the decision from the court.

Few weeks ago, Duterte likewise warned Trillanes that he will probably be unimportant after his term as Senator ends.

He furthermore clarified that he’s not running as Congressman of Davao to look for revenge against Trillanes and he just want Justice for the libelous claims of the Senator against him.

“Next year, Mr. Trillanes will be worse than a non-matter. He will end his term as a senator like it is a blessing to the Filipino people — perhaps except for the few who believed in the lies he concocted against me and my family. As he is today, he will be worthless. I honestly do not seek revenge. What I seek is justice. I have filed cases against him and he should man up and face these cases in court. Apart from that, considering the insignificance and uselessness of Mr. Trillanes, I will devote my time to serve the Dabawenyos.” Pulong stated.

This is not such the very first time that Sen. Trillanes experienced arrest.

On September, President Rodrigo Duterte revoked the amnesty got by Trillanes in 2011 for making coup d’état.

But, Trillanes chose to remain inside the Senate building for weeks to prevent being arrested.

Source: Pinoy Trending