Netizens Bombards ANC with Negative Feedbacks on Satur Ocampo’s “Political Harassment” Statement

Netizens took to social media and also reacted on the latest pronouncement created by former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo on his statement in a special interview with ANC that his group is under attack of political harassment by the Duterte admin.

Based on Satur Ocampo what went down to him was political harassment even though the ones who filed a case against them are all supported by the parents and also heads of the Lumad communities whom they stated they were helping in Talaingod, Davao Del Norte.

Throughout the exclusive interview with ANC Host Karen Davila, Satur Ocampo was questioned on how he describes the full experience of being arrested and accused of several crimes throughout their so-called rescue and solidarity mission to assist the Lumads in Talaingod.

Check out the Video of Satur Ocampo’s Interview with ANC:

Satur Ocampo replied by saying that he continues to be a subject of this type of political harassment since the Marcos regime, at the time of the Arroyo admin, and this is the tenth time that he was accused of typical crimes.

The statement of Satur Ocampo captured the attentions of several netizens who hit the official Facebook Page of ANC News as they released some harsh comments against Ocampo as well as the entire news outlet who reported Ocampo’s statement.

Read Some of the Most Popular Comments Against Ocampo:

Kia Banto THANK YOU FACEBOOK! we can now hear, see and understand both sides of the story… sorry wala na naniniwala sa traditional media $$$.

Mar Villalva Talaga naman wala na talaga pagasa bansang ito mga media kampi pa ..kita naman natin ang video ng mga lumad na di pinaalam ying mga batang kinuha nila..bandang huli PNP pa amg makulong kamukha ni Palparan.

Ludwig Jacobson if you do not belong to the bias media you should also interview the actual victims, the lumads. remember there are 2 sides of the story. have you get their side yet ?

Arv Travz Here goes the mainstream media again…. digging their own graves with their bias/slant/fake reporting. Trust rating six feet under the ground.

Reg Rayvi ANC ..the people also want to hear what the LUMAD parents have to say about the alleged kidnapping issue the police filed against Satur…para malaman natin kung ano ba talaga nangyari…one side of the story lang ang ini air nyo eh.

Emz Tampus Canete harassment tlga? wtf!!! how about the 14minors you brought in talaingod? can you please explain to us? for god sake!!!

Rouel Anderson What do you call taking kids away from their parents and not informing them on where their going? That’s kidnapping Mrs. Davila.

Source: Facebook