Boracay Habal Driver Shares Overwhelming Experience Throughout Boracay Closure, Praises Pres. Duterte’s Silent Leadership

A concerned citizen is actually creating the rounds on social media after she shared a remarkable at the same time awesome experience throughout the closure of Boracay island in the past six months after the President announced the world-renowned island as a cesspool and has to be closed and rehabilitated.

Based on concerned netizen Stephanie Chua, she created an in-depth conversation with a habal driver and locale of Boracay as she obtains an information on the real experience of the community throughout the closure of the country’s most well-known tourist destination, Boracay Island.

The Habal driver or a motorcycle rider expressed that throughout the closure of Boracay they noticed it actually difficult when it comes to their daily lives and activities. Many of the locales admitted that they situated it hard to supply foods for their specific families.

In spite of the closure, the Habal driver claimed that life went by as he remained his daily chores as a habal driver and the earnings he got could just supply on a day to day basis however later on the habal driver admitted that the closure of Boracay is one among the most remarkable strategy employed by the President.

For the habal driver, the closure of Boracay is not just for tourist but a lot of importantly it’s for the locals to benefits from the result of the resorts closure. After one month of sacrifice, the habal driver said that the government’s intervention was definitely felt.

People of Boracay were provided P15 ,000 given by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). There’s as well a help from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Cash for Work activities were furthermore offered to the residents of Boracay who got salaries of P323/day and the only job they undertaken are cleaning roads and beaches.

There’s even relief goods who were supplied by the local government and the national government of Pres. Rody Duterte by way of different agencies functioning together for the rehabilitation of Boracay.

Read the Full Conversation With Habal Driver in Boracay:

Convo with a habal driver here in boracay..

Me: kamusta kayo dito nung closure kuya?

Him: sa totoo lang nung nagsimula yung closure hirap kami. Karamihan ng mga locals, halos walang makain.

Me: Ano ang ginawa nyo kuya?

Him: byahe pa din. Yung kita ko nun sapat lang sa pang araw2.

Me: kawawa naman pala kayo kuya. Kayong mga locals dapat malaki ang kita dito ngayon na nag open na ulit.

Him: Pero sa totoo lang, ang ganda ng ginawa ni duterte dito sa boracay. Kasi yung closure, hindi naman para sa mga turista yun e. Para din sa amin yun.

Me: sayang lang sana may assistance man lang kayong mga locals nung closure.

Him: Meron! After 1 month ata ng closure, binigyan kami ng DSWD ng 15k. Tapos dumating din ang DOLE. Binigyan kami ng trabaho P323/day ang pinagawa samin maglinis ng kalsada at beach tapos may mga relief goods din na dumating. Kaya nakaraos din naman kami. Nung umpisa lang hirap. Tapos ayun after 1 month, dumating ang tulong ng government.

Me: ayos pala!

Bakit ang tahimik naman tumulong ni Pres. Duterte

Source: Stephanie Chua FB Page