Jim Paredes criticizes Duterte and termed the President a traitor and stup*d: “Do not let him distract you from China issue.”

OPM artist Jim Paredes slammed President Rodrigo Duterte and then termed him a “traitor” as being friendly with China amid the tension in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

In his various social media posts, Paredes couldn’t cover up his anger over the new relationship between the Philippines and China and criticized Duterte for allowing the Chinese do what they want.

Paredes on Facebook, termed the new criticisms of President Duterte against the Catholic Church as a distraction, stating that the true issue that needs to be addressed was the China issue.

“Don’t let him distract you from China issue. The traitor is playing tricks.” Paredes stated.

He remained his criticisms against the President in his Twitter page, labeling what Duterte is performing today with China as “treason”.

“Stop ranting against the church. It’s about China and treason, stup*d!” Paredes stated.

Paredes actually confronted a netizen who protected Duterte from criticisms on Twitter, claiming that Duterte broke the unity between the Filipino people.

“Formation of the country is not just the President’s effort. It should be a collaborative effort of all the people of the country. All should be involve in making our country prosper. Kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga taong mahilig magreklamo pero wala namang gawa.” Netizen Earl Canezal stated.

In reply Paredes answered:

“Talk about formation. He is deforming it and unforming it by giving away our islands without even a complaint. He is a coward and a traitor. Maybe he should lead the people in putting their arms behind their heads and march behind him with a white flag.” Paredes said to the netizen.

He perhaps named Duterte a “crab leader” for attempting to damage the reputation of good people.

“Crab leader. Sinisiraan niya and mag mabubuting tao.”

In his yet another post, Paredes additionally believed that the increasing Chinese visit in the Philippines was meant.

“If you were a Chinese mainlander, would moving to the Philippines be a great career move? Tell me. I do not know the answer. I sometimes suspect they are here for other reasons. Not just employment. Your guess is as good as mine.” Paredes stated.

Paredes is a well-known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, he started to be infamous after he faced a group of students expressing their support to ex- President Ferdinand Marcos.

Source: Pinoy Trending