DOTr Lambasted Inquirer on their Suspected Malicious News About the Bohol Airport Inauguration Brownout

The official Twitter Page of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) burned down one among the country’s top news agency Inquirer on social media right after they published an alleged malicious post relating to the brownout or power interruption occurred throughout President Rody Duterte’s speech in the inauguration of Bohol Panglao International Airport.

Inquirer released the following news sticker on their official Twitter Page “A power interruption occurred during President Duterte’s speech at 8:18 P.M. at Bohol Panglao Airport.”

DOTrPH or the official Twitter Page of the Department of Transportation quickly replied with the tweets shown by Inquirer by creating some clarifications “The good news is: Power was restored after 2 minutes. Tuloy ang programa, Bohol Panglao International Airport, bukas na!”

Apart from the official Twitter account of Inquirer, most of the country’s most significant news media outlets just like ABS-CBN and GMA News created some headlines relating to the brownout striking throughout Pres. Duterte’s visit and inauguration of the Bohol Panglao Airport.

Pres. Duterte actually declared that he fired two officials from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process when lights at the P8 .91-billion airport all of a sudden went out.

Netizens reacted with the confusing Twitter post of Inquirer along with the headlines of the mainstream media since they focused on the power interruptions on their numerousnews report however they reported only a few information regarding the accomplishments of the Duterte admin in the construction of Bohol International Airport.

Check Out the Full Video of Pres. Duterte’s Speech in Panglao, Bohol:

Below are some of the Most Controversial Comments from Netizens:

MindaVote: Magkaibang pananaw sa iisang pangyayari. Ano ang makakatulong sa bayan, at ano ang anay sa lipunan?

Diane Baga: As in Inquirer? As in?!! It doesn’t matter if a new airport was built in Bohol ano? Pero ung nagbrownout nung nagsspeech si Duterte, malaking bagay ano? Who cares kung narestore after 2 minutes? Bwisit na Inquirer to!!!

Nathan Racines: Chopchop reporting by the evil inquirer.

Adette Librea: Leftist mind sila( inquirer at mainstream media…

Francie Perolina: Wowwwwww…. I didnt know that panglao airport was at the same time a power plant yaan ang prez namin… Airport and piwer plant at the same time ahihihihihihi

Gie Milla: Bumbero jan baka naabo na ang inquirer.

Source: MindaVote FB Page