Watch: Pres. Duterte Criticizes Sen. Trillanes and Rep. Alejano On Their Involvement in Past Mutinies

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte resumed his tirade against Sen. Antonio Trillanes and also Rep. Gary Alejano on their participation in past mutinies as he slammed the Magdalo lawmakers for continually criticizing the President.

At the time of the speech of Pres. Rody Duterte in Davao City, he resumed his tirade against Trillanes while he noted that they really should have killed themselves rather than surrendering to authorities after staging past military uprisings.

Photo from CNN Philippines

Pres. Duterte was cited as stating “One of these days maghanap ako ng financier – the Magdalo story. Gawin ko kayo kengkoy lahat. Kengkoy man talaga. Nag-surrender. The least you can do is nagpakamatay ka,” he mentioned.

Check Out How Pres. Duterte Criticizes Trillanes & Alejano:

The ex- Mayor of Davao City, Pres. Duterte strike back at Trillanes and his fellow rebel soldier Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, stating there were not reformers however “idiots” who do nothing at all but criticize the government.

“Itong dalawang walang ginawa kundi manira ng puri ng tao [These two have done nothing but destroy people’s reputation]. I don’t know what happened to them,” he stated.

The Philippine President explained that he probably will not really like Sen. Trillanes after he embarrassed ex- Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes at the time of a Senate hearing years ago.

He mentioned Reyes questioned permission to protect his honor however Trillanes advised him to sit down since he supposedly did not honor. Duterte before claimed Reyes, a ex- military chief, committed suicide after being humiliated by Trillanes.

“Itong si Trillanes wala talaga. Something is wrong between his… gray matter between his ears,” Pres. Duterte stated.

“Akala ng mga tao reformers only to be such idiots also there,” he stated on the election of the two rebel soldiers upon getting pardon from the former administration.

Duterte additionally took a swipe at Alejano for pretending to be a lawyer. “Sometimes he sees a document, he interprets it and he knows that he’s only good for four years of education and he interprets it and he talks like a lawyer, pretending to be (one),”.

Source: News Daily PH