International Analysts Clear Explanations or Realities About the WPS, Sovereignty & Sovereign Rights

Expert international political analyst and well-known social media personality defender of Pres. Duterte, Sass Rogando Sasot contributed an excellent explanation of facts concerning the controversial issue involving the West Philippine Sea, the Philippine Sovereignty as well as the Sovereign Rights of the country in the disputed South China Sea.

Based on Sass Sasot, the West Philippine Sea is defined by the Aquino admin by way of Administrative Order No. 29, as the body of waters positioned West of the Philippines which include the Luzon Sea, waters around Kalayaan Island Group as well as around Scarborough Shoal. IT is NOT all the South China Sea or all the waters west of the Philippines.

The West Philippine Sea is just part of the South China Sea and not one more name for South China Sea. The WPS is not an interconnected water from Scarborough Shoal to the Kalayaan Island Group.

In the matter of the WPS being a Philippine territory, it is a complex issue based on Sass Sasot as she breaks down the details of the said issue.

According to international law, a particular country can only have a territorial sea within 12 Nautical Miles from the baseline. This is the only boarders of that country. The portions of Luzon Sea which is within the 12NM is considered as our territory, it is where we certainly have full sovereignty.

The waters around Scarborough Shoal are not within our territory as it is not within the 12NM but we certainly have the sovereign rights over the location because it is part of the 200NM Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines.

Read the Full Explanations of the WPS by Sass Sasot:


QUESTION : Ang West Philippine Sea ba ay ang South China Sea? Ang West Philippine Sea by ay ang LAHAT ng bahagi ng dagat sa kanluran ng Pilipinas?

ANSWER: No. Ayon sa Administrative Order No. 29 ng Aquino Administration, ang WPS ay ang Luzon Sea, ang tubig around Kalayaan Island Group at around Scarborough Shoal.

Ang WPS ay part ng South China Sea. Ang WPS ay hindi another name for South China Sea.

Ang WPS ay hindi tuloy-tuloy na bahagi ng dagat mula Scarborough to Kalayaan Island Group.

QUESTION: Ang WPS ba ay territory natin?

ANSWER: Ito ay kumplikadong usapin. Let’s break it down.

1. Ayon sa international law, ang isang bansa can only have a territorial sea na 12NM mula sa kanyang baseline. Yan lang ang sakop ng territory ng isang bansa.

2. Ang bahagi ng Luzon Sea na sakop ng 12NM na yan ay ating territory. Dyaan tayo may sovereignty.

3. Ang tubig around Scarborough Shoal ay lagpas na sa 12NM natin. Ang tubig around sa Kalayaan Island group ay lagpas na rin sa 12NM natin.

Kaya ang mga nagsasabing ang WPS ay “territory” natin ay MOSTLY WRONG dahil MOST of the WPS ay lagpas na sa 12NM.

QUESTION: Ang WPS ba ay within our EEZ?

ANSWER: Ito rin ay kumplikadong usapin.

1. Ang EEZ o ang Exclusive Economic Zone ay ang 200NM mula sa ating baseline. Ang first 12NM nyan ay ang territorial sea. Dyaan ang isang bansa ay may sovereignty. Ang sovereignty ay full and absolute control.

Mula 12NM onwards 200NM, ang bansa ay may sovereign rights limited to economic exploitation ng yamang dagat (both living and non-living resources) at limited jurisdiction (kapangyarihang magpatupad ng kanyang batas) katulad sa pag-regulate ng construction ng structures, installations, at artificial islands, environmental protection.

2. Ang Scarborough Shoal ay pasok sa EEZ natin PERO ang nakakapagtaka hindi ito ang naging argumento ng Aquino Administration sa arbitration vs China. Ang argumento nila eh ang mangingisda natin ay may “traditional fishing rights” doon.

Kumplikado rin ang usapin sa Scarborough Shoal. Dahil ang Scarborough Shoal ay legally classified as rock, ito ay pwedeng ma-acquire as “territory” and dahil sya ay territory ito ay pwedeng magkaroon ng 12NM territorial sea. Pero dahil rock sya, hindi sya mag-generate ng 200NM EEZ dahil hindi ito island na can sustain life, katulad na rin sinabi ng arbitration decision.

Hindi pa resolve kung sino between China at Pilipinas ang may sovereignty sa Scarborough Shoal. Pero ang isa sa mga condition ng territorial acquisition ay EFFECTIVE OCCUPATION. Right now sino ang may effective occupation? At kailan nagsimula iyaan? Noong panahon ni PNoy.

Ngayon, in the event, na China ang ma-recognize na kanyang territory ang Scarborough Shoal, kahit nasa EEZ natin ang Scarborough Shoal, ang shoal would be under the sovereignty – not just sovereign right – ng bansang may EFFECTIVE OCCUPATION nito. China’s sovereignty prevails over our sovereign rights generated by our EEZ.

Pero ang mga fishermen natin ay pwede pa ring makapangisda doon dahil ang “traditional fishing rights” ay respected kahit pa sa 12NM territorial sea ng ibang bansa iyan, as mentioned sa arbitration case ng Eritrea vs Yemen.

3. Hindi lahat ng features ng Kalayaan Island Group ay pasok sa ating EEZ. May 45 features sa Kalayaan Island Group. 27 lang doon ang nasa EEZ natin. Ibig sabihin, 18 na features around KIG ay LAGPAS NA SA EEZ natin.

Samakatuwid, ang WPS ng Aquino Administration can be considered as EXCESSIVE MARITIME CLAIMS. Hindi lang China, Vietnam, at Taiwan ang may excessive maritime claims. TAYO RIN!

QUESTION: China ba ang tanging foreign country na nasa WPS?

ANSWER: NO. Vietnam, Malaysia, at Taiwan all have MILITARY PRESENCE in the WPS long before China!

Vietnam occupies 21 features na nasa area we call WPS, at 11 dyaan ay nasa EEZ natin.

Malaysia occupies 7, all of them ay nasa EEZ natin.

Taiwan occupies 1, and it’s in our EEZ.

China occupies 8, and 4 of them ay nasa EEZ natin.

Ngayon, in the event na these countries were declared by a court or by a treaty na territory nila yan, then kahit nasa EEZ pa natin iyon, their sovereignty trumps our so-called sovereign rights because one cannot claim sovereign rights kung wala kang sovereignty in the first place.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page