Watch: Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Threatens ABS-CBN Not to Renew Their Franchise, Criticizes Gabby Lopez

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte created reports anew on social media after a video surfaced on social media featuring how he threatened to not renew the franchise of ABS-CBN due to certain noticeable reasons.

Pres. Duterte was cited as staing “ABS-CBN, pera pera lang sila dyan at kalakas ng loob ng mga P__inang mukha. P__ina mo, niloko ninyo kami. Kaya, kayo hindi ko kayo palusutin. Yung franchise ninyo matatapos, but let me ask you questions first.”

Pres. Duterte likewise mentioned throughout his speech that he will probably personally object the renewal of ABS-CBN franchise due to the fact that the news outlet are allegedly thieves and also cheaters. He also pointed out that he was not the only victim of ABS-CBN.

Watch the Video How Pres. Duterte Threatens ABS-CBN:

The Chief Executive was cited as stating that, “Kasi ako talagang mag object na ma-renew kayo. Alam mo bakit? Magnanakaw kayo…estapador. Ginawa ninyo sa amin marami kami.”

Pres. Duterte additionally stated that before the commentators of ABS-CBN could protect their boss and their network, they need to review the records of the network. “Mukha kayong pera lahat, mga P__ina ninyo!” the President mentioned.

The ex- Mayor of Davao City reminded everyone that at the time of the election campaign he could not manage to buy an ads slot for ABS-CBN however when the time came that certain donors donated him a large amount he bought an ad space for the TV Network and then paid for it yet the mentioned ad was never posted, rather than Pres. Duterte’s ads be presented, the network prioritized the ads published by Trillanes striking at the ex- Mayor of Davao City by using children on his propaganda to discredit Duterte.

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