Ex-CSC Chairman Reveal How Pres. Aquino Allegedly Created the Dirty Mess at the BOC

Ex- chairman of the Civil Service Commission and expert columnist of The Manila Times, Ricardo Saludo made an appealing uncover and accusations against ex-Pres. Noynoy Aquino on his suspected creation of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) mess and he needs to be the one to be accuse.

Based on the recent column of Ricardo Saludo, who one functioned as chairperson of the Civil Service Commission at the time of the Arroyo admin, alleged that the increase of illegal shipment erupted when Aquino chosen businessman Joselito Alvarez being BOC Chief.

The ex-CSC chief recalled the findings of 2,000 containers that disappeared in 2011, with their taxes yet to be paid while on the process from the Port of Manila (POM) and the Manila International Container Port (MICP) to the last port of destination in Batangas port.

Allegedly, Noynoy Aquino certainly not pushed for an investigation, not even then Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

Ricardo Saludo do not only criticize the Noynoy Aquino admin for allegedly making the BOC problem and the widespread corruptions in the agency, he additionally created a few ideas on what needs to be done with the BOC.

Saludo called out the attentions of opposition senators; Francis Pangilinan, detained Leila de Lima, and also Akbayan Risa Hontiveros who slammed Pres. Duterte’s proceed to place BOC under military manage for a while, however did not bother before to investigate the worsts spate of smuggling in the country together with the people in Customs who were included.

The expert columnist also mentioned that the existence of military men in the BOC could be a shock for them initially, however cleaning the corrupt-laden bureau could possibly be really hard.

But , he considers that “it’s far more likely that soldiers would be lured by payoffs worth 10, 50 or even 100-plus times their monthly salary.”

Read Some Parts of Ricardo Saludo’s Column:

How did this unprecedented eruption of contraband happen? The surge included narcotics, shabu labs, and guns, as Aquino himself admitted in his 2013 state of the nation addres.

It began in Aquino’s first month in office, when he interviewed for the post of Customs Commissioner businessman Joselito Alvarez and former BoC chief Guillermo Parayno, whose Ramos-era stint got him hired as IMF consultant in customs reform.

This column argued for Parayno, whose computerization and anti-graft reforms got BoC off the list of most corrupt agencies. But Aquino chose Alvarez.

The following year, some 2,500 containers disappeared on the road from Manila to Batangas, where they were inexplicably designated for release.

After 600 containers vanished, a deputy Customs commissioner for intelligence reported the loss to Alvarez. The Office of the President under then Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa charged the whistleblower with graft and sidelined him.

The scam finally ended after media exposé and Congress inquiry. But Aquino never had it investigated; nor did his handpicked Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

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Source: The Manila Times