OPM Legend Rico J. Puno Dies at 65; Cause of Death, Heart Failure

OPM legend and viewed as one of the most prominent singer of Philippines, Rico J. Puno passed away early Tuesday morning because of heart failure at the age of 65 being verified by family members to the media.

Based on Rico Puno’s sister-in-law Anna Puno in an interview with CNN Philippines, the artist, heading fresh from an event, checked out himself in St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig on Monday after he began getting difficulty breathing.

In an interview Anna Puno was cited as stating “When he was in the hospital, they didn’t let him go. He went straight to the ICU. He was revived at first, then he was okay. When everybody left, he had a heart failure. They were trying to revive him for the second time, but he didn’t make it,” she stated.

Close family members of Rico Puno said that the health of the artist began worsening in April 2018. Last 2015, he got an open heart surgery after experiencing a heart attack.

Photo from TNP

In December 2017, he underwent angioplasty to bring back his clogged arteries. Months later on, he got a pacemaker to assist his heart.

Rico J. Puno began his music profession in the mid ’70s, was the voice behind iconic tunes “Macho Gwapito,” “May Bukas Pa,” and then “Magkasuyo Buong Gabi.” Aside from the music world, he additionally delved into acting and also politics.

Source: CNN Philippines