China Gives 10 Tons of Premium Rice and Canned Goods to Ilocos Norte

The Chinese government verified once and for all that they will be always there for the Filipino people in situations of disaster they donated 10 tons of premium rice and also two truckloads of canned goods to the typhoon victims in the Northern provinces of the country.

Based on Wang Jianqun, Consul and also Head of Post of the Chinese Consulate of Laoag, he expect that the people of Ilocos Norte will begin to rebuild instantly.

Consul Wang Jianqun was cited as stating “I hope the people of Ilocos Norte will start to rebuild rapidly and recover soon,” claimed Wang Jianqun, following the turnover of the P1-million value of relief goods from the Peoples Republic of China on Friday morning.

“As friends, we need to assist and help each other while we are in difficult times,” the Chinese Consul included in an interview with reporters.

Based on Vice Governor Eugenio Angelo Marcos Barba, they are grateful to the Peoples Republic of China for the donation to the victims of the severe super typhoon that strikes the province previously few weeks.

The Vice Governor, together with provincial board members Domingo Ambrocio and also Donald Nicolas, obtained the donation, which were personally given by Wang at the Capitol lobby.

Given that the establishment of the Chinese Consulate in Laoag, the China government proceeds to help the province in its development and rehabilitation activities, just like earlier donations of hybrid rice seeds to farmers, rice milling machines, dragon boats, x-ray machines at the airport and also developing of classrooms, among others.

Even before President Rodrigo Duterte decided to look for warmer ties with China after a sour territorial claim in the West Philippine Sea throughout the past admin, Ilocos Norte, through the Marcos admin, has continual its friendly interactions and also closer ties with China.

Ilocos Norte and then Shandong province of China have provided sister-province relations since 2002.

Source: PNA