Jojo Robles Revealed: “Noynoy Aquino Has a Brother, Whose Mother is Not Cory Aquino”

Expert journalist and also political analyst Jojo Robles madee a mind-blowing expose on social media as he revealed that the ex- President of the Philippines, Pres. Noynoy Aquino has an alleged brother, whose mom is not Cory Aquino.

Respected journalist Jojo Robles exposed his uncover by questioning Noynoy Aquino the recent situations of his brother who is actually now in his 30s based on the confirmed details at the hands of Robles.

Jojo Robles mentioned that the young man is the root cause of Ninoy Aquino’s suspected dalliance with another woman whom Robles term the name as “Joy.” The stated son of Ninoy Aquino was conceived in San Franciso, California in the US, right before Ninoy moved back to the Philippines in 1983, wherein he encountered his bloody death.

The journalist added even more that the relationship between Ninoy and then Joy was not only one-night stand, due to the fact the woman regularly visited the Yellow hero perhaps at the time of his incarceration in military camps in Metro Manila ang Nueva Ecija, all without the awareness of the late Cory Aquino.

The suspected Ninoy’s son is actually returned in Manila based on Robles however he is unsure whether Noynoy Aquino have previously seen his estranged brother.

Read the Full Expose of Jojo Robles:

“HOW’S YOUR BROTHER, NOY? Yes, Noynoy has a brother, whose mother is not Cory.

The young man, who is in his 30s now, is the result of Ninoy’s dalliance with another woman, whom we shall call “Joy.”

He was conceived in San Francisco, CA, right before Ninoy went back to the Philippines in 1983, where he met his bloody death.

It was not a one-night stand between Ninoy and Joy, no. The woman frequently visited the Yellow hero even during his incarceration in military camps in Metro Manila and Nueva Ecija.

All without Cory, the saint, knowing.

I hear Joy’s son married well and is back in Manila.

I don’t know if he’s met his famous elder bro. I’m guessing not.”

Source: Jojo Robles FB Page