This guy’s made-up innovative fishing technique turned into a ruin

It will always be great to discover anything regardless of how big or small they can be as long as they might help lessen the daily challenges of a person on their everyday life. To ensure that these improvements and inventions to be confirmed useful, the inventor together with his colleagues should be able to try its effectiveness.

However, how can these people respond if throughout the testing method, a certain thing unusual happens?

Much like in the matter of this man whose face was not revealed in the video that was initially posted by a Facebook user known as Jhune Lobo.

In the stated video, a guy wearing a blue shirt was first seen positioned on the edge of what looked like a small pond. It later so happens that the man was attempting to catch fishes. Only that his technique does not contain a fishing rod or perhaps a net.

His believed new technique of fishing contains an improvised ‘gun’ and that gun is used as a tool to shoot fishes. At the time of his first few tries in attempting to catch a fish, it appeared that his technique was useless as he was unable to catch any.

After that, he tested once again however this time, something actually unpredicted happened not to the gun but to the guy himself! He lost his balance and then fell to the area covered with water. As the camera turned, it had been seen that he was just standing on a little bridge crafted from bamboo.

In the end of the video clip, his buddies helped to pull him out of the water.

In the meantime, many netizens seen the video truly funny that it had been shared many times already after just a couple hours since it was initially posted.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Jhune Lobo