Sen. Lacson agrees with Pres. Duterte’s statement that ‘Human lives is important than human rights’

Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson realize what President Rodrigo Duterte intended from one of his unforgettable declarations throughout the latter’s 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week.

Being a former head of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Lacson previously encountered how to deal with aggressive criminals, just like kidnappers.

In his tweet, Lacson recalled precisely how he created himself understood the value of the helpless lives than prioritizing the human rights of suspected criminals.

“When PRRD said he thinks of human lives more than human rights, I also thought the same in my previous life,” Sen. Lacson stated.

“When we were rescuing kidnap victims, it was human lives first and foremost. A poor second was the kidnappers’ human rights,” the senator added.

Throughout his time as a cop, Lacson is well-known for hunting kidnap-for-ransom syndicates.

Some of Lacson’ supporters also agreed with just what the Senator claimed, stating that the opposition will certainly not recognize the variance between human rights and also human lives.

“But its a pitty NONOY can not see the difference between human rights & human lives!” Netizen @punisher_jo remarked.

“Correct ka dyan #senpinglacson without human lives, there will be no human rights….for those who oppose on #PRRD, they are totally wrong…How can you impose human rights if there are no more human lives to save from criminals, addicts and so on and so forth!” Netizen @jojieLlaguno commented.

On the other hand, some individuals still contrasted Lacson as well as the President, highlighting that there’s no dissimilarity between human lives and human rights.

“When we think of human lives, it is in general. We should know that criminals have lives too. Which goes to the point of Human Rights. The right to live is universal. The right to due process is also for victims but leans towards who commits crimes so not 2 be unlawfully adjudged.” Netizen @castor_tinio commented.

“Because they were proven kidnappers! What we are protesting are “suspects” killed just because they were in that effin’ list. Not everybody killed are guilty. Not everybody killed fought back. Many surrendered but still massacred. Due process please.” Netizen @itjustRain stated.

Throughout his 3rd SONA, Duterte corrected the opposition who happens to be criticizing him for allegedly violating the human rights of drug suspects, to oppose this the President claims that human lives tend to be more important compared to the criminals.

“If you think I can be dissuaded from my drug war…by protests which I believe are misdirected, then you’ve got it all wrong. Your concern is human rights – mine is human lives”. Pres. Duterte stated.

Source: Pinoy Trend