Geopolitical Expert Shares Opportunity of Pres. Duterte Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

An expert international political analyst and also geopolitical specialist functioning as the director of online think tan Eurasiafuture exposed an opportunity of Pres. Rody Duterte making the much-coveted Nobel Peace Prize after the passing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law.

Based on Adam Garrie, after signing the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) within the 2nd year of his term being a President of the Republic, Pres. Duterte drew praises from both together the United Nations along with the European Union, the Philippine President really should now be taken into consideration for the world’s most famous award that will be provided this upcoming October 2018.

Adam Garrie state that “By working to end a centuries-long protracted and manifold conflict through a combination of legal intensity, cultural compassion and human outreach towards the Moros, Duterte has taken a major step towards doing something that the Spanish and American imperialists, Japanese occupiers and previous Filipino leaders could not do: bring peace to the Bangsamoro region and the Moro people,”.

Before getting eyed by several international political experts as a potential nominee for the well-known Nobel Peace Prize, Pres. Duterte was previously nominated for the 2017 Confucius Peace prize which is actually China’s same in principle as the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize was ultimately won by Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The Confucius honors seek to endorse “world peace from an Eastern perspective,” it was given by a private firm.

Adam Garrie on his official report additionally pointed out that “in many respects, the long-standing Moro conflict” in Mindanao has raged for way longer compared to the interior tension in Myanmar, the Kashmir problem and the Israel-Palestine conflict that are usually emphasized as challenges which all started out in the late 1940s and continuously rage to this day.

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The BOL really should have been signed at the time of Mr. Duterte’s State of The Nation Address (SoNA) last 23 July if not for an authority battle that led to Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo overtaking the place as Speaker. Mr. Duterte signed the law last Friday according to copies of the BOL launched by Malacañang.

Source: The Daily Tribune