Former columnist Boom Buencamino tweets: “Is God is Stupid for letting Duterte alive?”

Previous columnist Boom Buencamino slammed President Rodrigo Duterte in his tweet, expressing that he’s questioning if God hates the Philippines.

In his tweet, Buencamino composed a ‘God is St*p*d statement after he noticed the recent condition of the country whereas the politician that he dislikes, President Rodrigo Duterte was continuing to be alive and healthy.

“When I see the country seriously ill and du30 alive and kicking, I ask myself: is God is s*****; does He hate Filipinos?” tweeted by Buencamino.

Buencamino actually mocked the appearance and character of the President, declaring that God would not want Duterte.

“I don’t ask if He likes du30 because duh look at the face & personality He gave him.” he stated.

Lastly, he requested God for forgiveness if perhaps he created a blasphemous believed due to his wrath to President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Dear God pls. forgive my blasphemous thoughts.” Buencamino stated.

Before his critiques, Buencamino as well defined the Philipines currently in an ICU caused by President Duterte.

“Walang sakit si Duterte. Malusog siya. Ang naghihingalo ay ang bayan. ICU na.” Buencamino stated.

Buencamino’s buddy as well questioned him that there’s one thing strange, why President Rodrigo Duterte was yet healthy in spite of his age, even though the Philippines is actually under a critical problem.

“There’s something strange, & unjustly, in Creation when only the President is seemed so strong & healthy even in his already senile years, while his country is abt to succumb unto her deathbed. If it isn’t unfairness, it is malevolence that makes such difference.” Netizen @jedqcepe commented.

In reactions, Buencamino notified his friend to be cautious with his thoughts, simply because he’s just like stating that God is st*p*d.

“Careful you’re practically saying God is st*p*d for keeping him alive and well…hehe just kidding,” he stated.

Source: Pinoy Trend