20 illegal settlers face raps for beating two security guards to death during a demolition in Batangas

Above 20 individuals are going to face homicide or perhaps murder raps for allegedly beating 2 security guards to death throughout a bloody demolition in San Juan, Batangas province on July 23.

Based on the analysis of the officers, the illegal settlers mobbed 2 security guards which ended in their death.

In the drone video clip posted by GMA News, it revealed that one of the victims, has already been unconscious yet still some illegal settlers continuous to beat the security guard.

The Police currently recognized 20 individuals who were probably associated with the death of the victims.

The fight began when the demolition group reached the squatter area and then declared that they’re about to begin creating a fence on a private property currently being occupied by the illegal settlers which consisted of over a hundred families.

The illegal settlers didn’t act jointly with the demolition group and then insisted that they need to present a legal request before they let their houses to be demolished.

The suspects, who were armed by wooden clubs highly targeted the security guards and then beat them to death.

Victims were recognized as Kennedy Ladia along with certain Estino, both security guards under the JPS Security Agency and also residents of Patikul, Sulu.

Based on Federico Campos, owner of the property which obtained by the illegal settlers, the security guards which they selected throughout the demolition were not armed.

He added that the illegal settlers ruined the fences of his property and then with anger occupied it.

However, the illegal settlers revealed that they rejected the relocation site that the government provided for them, detailing that their works are too far from the declared area.

“Kami po ay nananawagan na bigyan kami ng maayos ng tirahan, maawa na po kayo sa amin,” one among the illegal settlers explained to the media.

Watch the video below:

Source: GMA NEWS