Rigoberto Tiglao Reveal: The Yellows Allegedly Manages Rappler

Knowledgeable journalist and also former ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao created one more surprising uncover on his recent column for The Manila Times as he questioned “Do the Yellows Now Control Rappler?” The report of Tiglao was because of the fact that two of the very most vocal Yellow supporter are actually seated at Rappler’s Board.

Based on Rigoberto D. Tiglao, with the Aquinos’ Yellow Cultists reducing control of media which was their most effective power in the past regime, they have turned to the financially upset, foreign-funded news site Rappler as their suspected major propaganda platform.

According to the sources from the business community, they declare that a minimum of two old oligarchic clans which were close to former President Benigno Aquino are now being possibly the major funder, or actually the biggest stockholders, of Rappler.

The details given to Tiglao additionally verified that Rappler’s original major shareholder, property tycoon Benjamin Bitanga, provided up on the questionable media firm in 2016, exasperated over the reckless anti Duterte reportage of the media outfit he couldn’t manage.

Apart from Bitanga, Rappler’s 2 American funders, North Base Media and also Omidyar Network, which in fact had invest P150 million from 2015 to 2016, will certainly no longer handle the company today since they are actually irate that they were misinformed on the lawful issues their financing encounter, which includes the constitutional ban on foreign involvement in any form in Philippine media.

Based on Bobi Tiglao’s uncover, the allegations that the Yellows have shifted into Rappler is bolstered by the truth that last March, Bitanga’s members in the board were eliminated. Among the new board members are 2 that are not just of the Yellow Cult yet are staunch “Coryistas.”

The 2 Coryistas were recognized as “Solita Monsod, the late former Pres. Cory Aquino’s economic planning secretary, her husband Christian happens to be a director of several firms managed by the Eugenio Lopez elite clan. Apart from Monsod, a fellow Dilawan Fulgencio Factoran, Jr., who functioned as Cory’s environment and natural resources secretary, as well acted as director of Central Azucarera de Tarlac.

Apart from the two Pro-Yellow personas seated at Rappler’s Board, one newer member is attorney Federico Prieto, along with the most controversial member of the Rappler Board is the appointment of Carlo Almendral, a technology entrepreneur whose function has become fully in San Francisco.

Rigoberto Tiglao additionally asked the believed donations of $1 million to the 14 administrators of Rappler by Omidyar Network simply because the international company did not create any press release that the claimed money was without a doubt donated to the Philippines by way of Rappler.

The $1 million donation to almost all the administrators of Rappler will certainly be problem as soon as the BIR goes into the equation. The BIR previously charged the company with a tax evasion charge, declaring that it released and sold P181 .57 million price of Philippine Depository Receipts to the American companies however unsuccessful to pay income and value-added taxes for the purchase. BIR also stated that Rappler’s tax liability amounted to P134 million, which the media had not paid, and also had not yet actually reported.

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Source: The Manila Times