Thinking Pinoy Releases Official Statement on the Libel Case Filed by Sen. Trillanes

Prominent blogger and well known social media personality Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto in person was allegedly indicted by the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office because of the Cyber Libel Case submitted by Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

Thinking Pinoy currently launched an official statement as a part of his respond to the controversial case he is actually dealing with right this moment against Sen. Trillanes. Based on Thinking Pinoy, he is actually informed about the case given that Trillanes did declare it to the media.

But, his camp did not actually obtain a copy of the case until recently so his counsels will likely be filing the proper response. Thinking Pinoy clearly explained that he cannot easily answer a complaint that he does not have copy of.

Read the Full Statement of Thinking Pinoy:


I am aware of the case since Trillanes did announce it to the media. However, we did not receive a copy of the complaint until recently so my counsels will be filing the appropriate response.

You see, I cannot possibly reply to a complaint that I have no copy of.

Most likely, a motion for reconsideration based on the lack of notice shall be filed, though I leave it to my lawyers to decide the best course of action.

No further comments for now.”

The complaint filed by Sen. Trillanes against Thinking Pinoy based on Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office was simply because that Trillanes rationalized that on November 22, 2017, blogger Thinking Pinoy allegedly published last October 21 a post that claims “US President Donald J Trump reportedly called Senator Antonio Trillanes IV a ‘narco,’ a colloquial term for a ‘drug baron’ or simply ‘drug lord.’

The mentioned post of Thinking Pinoy was distributed by 15 ,759 Facebook users and also produced 62,000 reactions.

Source: Thinking Pinoy