British DDS Posted Disappointment on MB’s Story Calling the Philippines as the 2nd Most Hated Country in Taiwan’

British Pro-Duterte supporter as well as a popular DDS blogger Malcolm Conlan who happens to be based in London composed an Open Letter meant to the editor of the Manila Bulletin as he termed out the publication for their stated unreliable article concerning the Philippines and Taiwan.

Based on Malcolm Conlan he is actually posting to Manila Bulletin to state his significant frustration in the news they posted declaring that the Philippines is the 2nd most hated country in Taiwan.

The British Duterte supporter and also defender on social media mentioned various matters, questioning Manila Bulletin on they gathered the info in the stated news, could it be a direct result of a survey, how many respondents been involved with and how many showed that they hated the Philippines.

Malcolm Conlan as well lambasted Manila Bulletin for presenting an image of a Philippine flag being burned which has been identified by certain netizens as an old picture.

The British DDS believer additionally assume that the Manila Bulletin article may perhaps firstly result in a potential diplomatic crisis with Taiwan since nothing of the details they declare are actually proven? Next, why they are going to include this type of story. Is Manila Bulletin attempting to declare that the Philippines is not respected international? Conlan questioned.

Read the Full Open Letter of Malcolm Conlan:

Photo credit: Malcolm Conlan/Facebook

Source: Malcolm Conlan FB Page